Wellington - JJ Locations

Wellington , Maidenhead

A Victorian end of terrace house on a quiet road with a newly refurbished and extended ground floor. The kitchen has been purpose-built with filming in mind. The owner has worked in food television, editorial and advertising for over 12 years and has equipped the space with everything needed for kitchen filming. The large central island has a recessed gas hob, with flush-fitted ceiling extraction (not hood hanging down in the way of shot). Double ovens, a large fridge and open oak shelving which can be dressed to suit the shoot. All appliances are from KitchenAid so are of the highest quality and performance. The Neolith work surfaces and the bespoke kitchen cabinets all have a matte finish, meaning no reflection on camera. There are windows in the roof on two sides and large doors and a full length window to the rear provide plenty of natural light.