Shellness Timber - JJ Locations

Shellness Timber , Kent

This rural eco cabin is located right on the beach, with 360 degree sweeping views of the sea, skies, fields and stars. Whilst it feels worlds away from London it's located just an hour away. A two bedroom open plan beach house, it is made sustainably using wood, natural, reclaimed and found materials, with a casual, upcycled feel, and features including an indoor swing, euphonium sink, and large woodburning stove. You can walk straight onto the beach from a wooden gate in front of the property. Located in the Swale National Nature Reserve, as part of a quiet little stretch of 10 cottages it sits opposite Whitstable, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, the beach is usually deserted, with grasses, sand, shells, and a long tide going out to dramatic mud flats and reaching 20ft from the gate. Behind the beach house are views of grasses, wetlands and arable farmland. The area is often wild, windswept, with low rainfall, and known for its light and big skies. Located in ME12.