Middleton House - JJ Locations

Middleton House , Hackney

Late Georgian semi detached property with huge south facing garden, plenty of natural light, lovely view and modern classic interiors. Open plan island kitchen with lots of natural light (south facing), a good space to shoot or film with nice photographic angles. Small front garden can be used to light through with a HMI, and the rear garden can also accommodate HMI's and other film equipment. The walls and the kitchen cabinets are all painted in Farrow & Ball paint and can be re-painted to any colour. Lovely Fireplaces in good working condition. Two double bright bedrooms and one children bedroom. Lots of wooden toys with a timeless look are also available. Parking is on-street right by the front door (day-permits £3 and 2hours permits £1). 20 square meters modern Studio Apartment (with bathroom) at the back of the garden can also be used for shooting or simply as equipment/crew space (access is either through the house or through the side gate).