Industrial, Inventive, Floating... 3 Shelving Styles, Be Stylish Yet Organised.

Anna Lewis Tuesday, October, 14 2014

Time to be creative with your shelving solutions, a chance to show off your treasured, worldly belongings, keeping organised but in an inspiring stylish fashion.

3 shelving styles to inspire your organised side.

Industrial Style...

Engage with your urban side re using old scaffolding to work as the main shelving structure and reclaimed planks of wood. An old shopping basket also makes for an inventive shelving unit.

An Inventive Style ...

Re using old wooden boxes and crates is a wonderful way to create stylish shelving, with an interesting variation in sizes and textures, creating a unique focal point to any room.

Floating Style...

Floating shelves create a beautiful room feature, carefully styled with interesting curiosities and paintings. Paintng the wall behind in blackboard paint is also a great way to create a creative space able to change with your mood and whims. Cleverly choosing woods in different sizes and textures can also create an interesing focal point.

Being organised doesn't have to be boring!